Terms of Service

Policies about our service, Terms, Conditions and Cancellation Policy.

1) At the time of purchasing the subscription, you will have a maximum of 3 working days to be able to withdraw your purchase if you wish, by sending an email to info.mbwinc.company expressing that you do not wish to continue the membership process, after that period is understood that the subscription is final for one year which does not give way to refund or refund of money.

2) Our services will be well explained by our sales executives and for your peace of mind through an email will be set the working methods, prices, monthly payments, investment costs, payment methods and method of delivery of the products you purchase. To which you will need to respond to our Emails to be clear that it was understood and you agree.

3) Our service is completely active when you virtually accept and sign this document with the terms and conditions as this acts as a guarantee policy that after each program or product purchased by you promotions will be applied to you and discounts and these will be delivered respectively in the agreed form and time. This document must be signed within the first 72 hours of the confirmation process.

4) For any inquiries, management or complaints with any of our products or services you should call customer service number 866 216 9158 for executives to provide immediate assistance. For new hires, sign up for your direct seller's line or ask to be notified to the extension number that he provided above.

5) For cancellation purposes you must send us an email to info.mbwinc.company requesting the cancellation of the program, to proceed to make the cancellation in our system and thus avoid future charges to your account for renewals, remember that this email must be sent days before the expiration date in case you have a service that has automatic monthly payments.

6) When you purchase a product or service with our company, part of our commitment is to provide the best care so every worker has a Supervisor in charge who monitors the work in such a way that it is important to us that after each process or work that is done will be presented to you by email, for which you are obliged to respond and let us know that you have already seen it and whether or not you agree with the work presented, as you answer the emails is the rit we'll be moving forward with the work. If for any reason we stop receiving responses from you to the last two emails sent, we will assume that we cannot move forward with the work process and the service will be suspended until you hear from you and if there are no reimbursement because the non-compliance would be by you.

We appreciate the trust placed in our company and we trust that your stay will be pleasant and you can enjoy our products, service, promotions and personalized attention for what you want, you will also enjoy special prices on products available in our inventory stock and above all to be able to satisfy your desire for job growth and clientele according to the nature of your business.

Additional note regarding our Leads services.

Our services do not guarantee under any circumstances work, but rather the opportunity of an interview with people interested in an estimate of the service you provide, depends on the agreements and price negotiations that are conducted for achieve good results on the appointment.

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